UK visit coming up 

Between 20 and 29 August, I'll once again be doing several appearances in Northern England promoting the famous Raw Guitar line...

Hope to see you in Yorkshire and thereabouts...!!

Back to Masham 

Next week the second annual U.K. tour takes place in Masham, No. Yorkshire. This is in league with Raw Guitar Co....and to premier the new Predator model guitar....

Details here (and at the Bob Angell's Blues Outlet facebook page) soon.....

It's Show Time in No. Yorkshire! 

Bob Angell will feature at the "Further On Up The Road" show presented by Jam Tomorrow Promotion and The Raw Guitar company in Masham, No. Yorkshire, UK on Saturday 7 May 2016.

Venue is The Masham Town Hall. Tickets cost 8 GBP and are available at

Also appearing: The Tom Killner Band, Gary Grainger and Mitch Laddie. All to showcase the exciting new guitar line from Masham's own Raw Guitar Co.

A Not-To-Be-Missed concert.

UK TOUR..!!! 


It's ON..!!! Bob Angell will be featured artist at the RAW Guitars concert in Yorkshire, England in May.

Details here (and at the "bob angell's blues outlet" facebook page) soon....


Hey folks: Our facebook page:"Bob Angell's Blues Outlet" is VERY active. Please drop by ...Hope you LIKE it...!!!!!

New fb Page 

Yet another cruel bit of temptation...We now have a new, improved fb presence under Bob Angell's Blues Outlet. Always up-to-the-middle-of-last-week info is to be had there. So..(sigh)...we're in facebookland. And, as always, we can be seen on the Live Blues World site...a UK-based site that deals with blues and "blues infected" (sic) music..So there ya' have it......

Video with Duke?? 

OK...I see what people are talking about now. There's a Duke Robillard video of his great tune "Too Hot to Handle" now showing on YouTube...which features a photo montage. And one of the pictures (starts at about .18 seconds in) is indeed a studio shot of Bob Angell and Duke recording with two beautiful Les Pauls. It's just a photo though, folks. Nothing to do with the just dig it....Pretty cool in any case.

Breaking in Nigeria??!! 

In a bizarre, nearly incomprehensible, turn of events....several of the recent Blues Outlet videos are now viewable on the website Apparently, if you wanna meet a Nigerian person for love might need to get behind our vids.... Who Knew??


Hi Everybody:

A new old video clip of Bob Angell and Harmonica Robert in an acoustic setting has surfaced on Go to and seek "Blues Outlet".... and check it out. This is a professional quality studio video with a 4-camera shoot and full stereo sound etc.. So enjoy . Please leave your comments on YouTube...and, naturally, here on our guestbook. Guestbook entries are selected at random and lucky winners get buttons, CDs stickers and all sorts of assorted swag....OK? OK!