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Blues Outlet: Links

Blues Matters
Here's the UK's top blues mag...We're all subscribers; You should be , as well. Also our regular ad runs here every issue.Check 'em out..and tell 'em BLUES OUTLET sent ya' !!!
Very Cool!!! Chicago Vin has his own website. Big fun...Visit often, and be sure to tell Vin who sent ya'....Do it NOW!!!!
Walter Trout
Now, if you're not already hip to our boy Walter Trout, you'd better get out of the mustard...and Catch -UP!! You can get up to speed with one of our fave guitar-spankers here. And..Tell Walter we say "hey". OK? OK!
Duke Robillard
Of course, everybody's down with the Duke, right? Primarily known as the very talented photographer who shot the "I Feel So Good "cover, Duke also plays a bit of guitar (ahem). Get it? Go see Duke here...He's the best. Who told ya'?
Hubert Sumlin
"Mr. Sumlin is my all-time blues guitar hero. He always has been, and he always will be.There is NO other player who holds a candle to the man. Period!!" --Bob Angell
Buddy Whittington
Buddy's one of the best string-singers going, right? Right!! His big Texas style has been driving John Mayall's Bluesbreakers for better than a decade and a half now.You can check him out here.And be sure to grab a copy of his brand new solo CD. It's a great one!Tell him we say "hey!"
the darlings
Wanna catch up on Kelly Knapp's forays into the country end of things, Bucko? Well, here's the link.Now you're up to speed...
James is one of our absolute fave-rave harp- blowers...and he appears on pretty much every recording we have ever produced. Here is the direct way to contact Brother James et. al........ Don't be late...James is my BOY!!!! Yes he IZZZZZ, Y'all!!!
Big City Blues magazine
This fine Midwest blues mag covers the blues scenes in every major city in the USA every month. Subscribers will get a CD sampler Called "Crossed Roads" which includes the cut "Don't Worry, Amy" from the forthcoming Blues Outlet album "True-Tone". Check it out here.....
CD Baby
Here's where to buy the "I Feel So Good!" CD...Best online price, too...
The Godfather of British Blues is a good friend of ours...and you can get directly to his site here: Tell him we sent you!!!
sons of the delta
A fine UK outfit who come to the Mississippi Delta to record...Good move. They're also friends of check 'em out Good stuff, innit?
Paul Geremia
Paul Geremia is the current day equivalent of the legendary American traveling bluesman. As we speak, he's heading down some highway somewhere with a couple of high mileage acoustic guitars in an even higher mileage car. It's not a Terraplane, but it might as well be. Here's the link to keep up with my boy Geremia, who I've known for over 40 years.And he just keeps at it. Check him out, why dontcha?