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Blues Outlet:

neville b.

April 28, 2016

seeing you in MAsham in a week's time. Really getting excited to see the show.


April 21, 2016

The Only show is at Masham on 7 May.
(In scenic No. Yorkshire)
Nut NEXT time over...??!!??!

samuel travette

March 31, 2016

looking forward to your UK swing....

Phillip blythe

March 29, 2016

Is there to be a show in Manchester, as well?

Sydney Plunkett

March 10, 2016

Just heard aboutn your gig up Yorkshire way...
Definitely going to try to get up there..from London.....


January 25, 2016

I have heard, a UK tour is in the offing.Yorkshire, is it?
I think I can make that show....

irina Z

November 18, 2015

please, can I purchase by mail the Feel So Fine CD to Poland? What will be shipping costs? thank

jenna kournakovski

October 30, 2015

Loving the music for you

genevieve -

April 16, 2015

when again will you be playing in Montreal?


March 12, 2015

I saw the furor created over the newly uncovered reel-to-reel tape. Any chance it will be cleaned up (if needed) and ultimately released on CD..?

Mickey Dorque

February 20, 2015

OLneyville Stomp is the baddest rocker ever...!! loving it..


January 29, 2015

Is there going to be vinyl released soon?( I hope!!)


August 4, 2014

I would liking to having my record 45 signed. is please possible?

gererd montclair

June 26, 2014

hello from Belgium.!!! Love your music..

Rocco Pelligrino

May 1, 2014

I really like your band's facebook page. VERY sctive....A lot of fun...


January 30, 2014

I recently bought a small Hofner electric guitar from a guy in the North of England. Supposwedly it belonged to Bob Angell at one point. If i SEND A PHOTO OF THE INSTRUMENT, CAN YOU CONFIRM...OR DENY? tHANKS..

Jack Mosbby

November 25, 2013

Just bought a pristine copy of one of your early 45s at auction. Plays nice...and the pic sleeve's a classic...

Liam Houbruce

November 6, 2013

Please re-issue Olneybille Stomp....!! I'd buy a copy straightaway....

Kimberleigh Dunn

November 4, 2013

Just came across this webpage; I'm a regular on your facebook page, but this is where the delicious pictures are, right? Some classic shots...

Seth Connolly

October 21, 2013

Lovely hearing Olneyville Stomp on the radio all the time. Still a rocking little record....

Graeme L.

October 9, 2013

Just a line to let you lot know, you're being played on the Beeb (Radio 2). Sounds great......

Simon James

September 11, 2013

Hey, heard your tracks on Smokestack Radio UK last night.Good you're getting long overdue support here in GB. Cheers....


September 4, 2013

Enjoyed your tunes now being played on Driving Home with the Blues programme here in Oz....

Wm. Bayle

July 3, 2013

Happy American Independence Day from your friends in the UK..!!


June 13, 2013

just saying hi.... Alays a fan

Pristy Azniovour

April 29, 2013

THank you for very fine photographics. So very nice...

ginger memiere

March 25, 2013

Are the new band t-shirts available in London? Or can they be ordered by post?

Mike De Orio

February 7, 2013

Thanks. Pictures are fasbulous.........

Zee Bergeron

January 23, 2013

Looks like your facebook page is more active nowadays, but I still think this web-site rocks...! Hope you make it back to London soon.

alonzo begin

November 28, 2012

love the feel so good disc.Whens the new one being available?

jerome G.

November 14, 2012

Your facebook page looks more active at this time...but the photos here are phenom...

tom gene

October 18, 2012

Hi lads.....Some very good bits here....

Eliana M

October 4, 2012

Epic picture with Stevie Vaughan...Very Nice,,,

Gunnar G.

September 25, 2012

Hi ....Love the site. Pics are super...!!

Glenn Eppere

April 19, 2012

I have two sealed copies of the Trouble in Mind cassette single. Anyone need a copy? I'd be willing to trade for other UK or USA blues/rock issues...


March 27, 2012

Nice job at the Cady's jam with Stovall Brown. Great stuff, Southside

jenna Thornsen

January 3, 2012

Happy New Blue Year, my dear friends......

Giorgio Thompson

December 29, 2011

Have a Great BLUES NEW YEAR, Guys...From your biggest fan in Sweden...

Cameron J. Kingsborough

November 16, 2011

Hi: Nice to find your site. The photograph section is memorable. You've worked with some of the true legends of the blues. Hope to see a live show soon....Best Wishes

LIam McMurtry

October 28, 2011

Just got hold of a picture sleeve for "Something Inside Me".....but no record....Still going up on my wall, though.....

sonny ruzzmore

October 15, 2011

Greetings from Cardiff, Wales....Love your blues...

Peonia C. Andrews

October 8, 2011


Leona Smithwick

October 1, 2011

Is that song on the new compilation called "New Blues from the USA" yours? It's called "Don't worry Amy" I think.At least that's the tagline.

bob angell replies

August 29, 2011

Hey Joel: Sure do know Buddy. He's fantastic. Check out our photo page for a coupla cool shots with him. Would LOVE to play with him again...Any ideas for venues???

Joel Doran

August 29, 2011

Do you guys happen to know Buddy Whittington? You should play together sometime..Would make a great match

byron mcgraw

August 26, 2011

Yes...Blues Outlet for UK tour...!!!

skip gifford

August 13, 2011

I agree with Stepfanni! Return to London, and give us the Olneyville stomp LIVE !!!!


August 7, 2011

Hi Stepfanni:
I recall how surprised I was to find Olneyville Stomp on the juke at Dingwall's..and also at the Hope & Anchor in Upper St, Islington. Of course, both ARE mentioned in the song, so..Good to hear from you....

Stepfanni Goldberg, Lancashire

August 7, 2011

Nice to come across this site. I used to be a server at Dingwall's in Camden Lock, so I've always loved "Olneyville Stomp"....Please come to London again..It's been way too long, lads.....

Berry Pennimen

August 6, 2011

Is the recordings you did at Sun Studio available on disc..or by the e-track anywhere?


August 5, 2011

More videos, please...LOL


August 4, 2011

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August 3, 2011

I am here to say hi to each one.
Glad to meet you hear.

Dustin Juriorr, Manchester

August 3, 2011

Your vinyl still rocks my turntable. I miss actual records....Keep up the good work..

william r.

August 1, 2011

Hope to see you at the blues fest here in October...!


July 31, 2011

Happy to meet each one here.
Have a nice day.


July 30, 2011

HI...just dropped by to check out the site. Very nice...I'll be back

sean finnerty

July 23, 2011

You should move to Ireland straightaway. You lot would fit straight in here.....and give the blues scene here a good seeing to....

Larry Garland

July 14, 2011

Just now found this website. I like the photographs very much. And the song that playes under the site. Do you guys ever tour in Eastern Canada?

Marc Barnes

July 8, 2011

Kelly Knapp is now officially my favorite female blues singer...Damn!!! She's GREAT !!!

penny s.

July 5, 2011

Happy American Independence Day from your #1 Brit fan!!!!

noreen brandeis

June 30, 2011

To the gentleman rerquesting photos---I have had pretty good results printing copies right from your photo page. Especially the ones with Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughan. They look great in my music space.
Have a good day......

Mikel Cortes

June 27, 2011

Love the site. such great photographs. CAn these be offered for sale at some point?

bob angell answers:

June 16, 2011

Hi Ken: You are correct, man.It was my very distinct honor to work with The Others in 1968. The place you're thinking about was called The Blue Sands down by the beach. We played there every weekend for a whole summer. Thanks for remembering.
BTW: You wouldn't happen to have any photos of those gigs would you?

ken m

June 16, 2011

SOrry to bother you...but Bob Angell is the same guy who used to play with The Others in the '60s, right? If not....sorry to trouble you.
I love the blues...and everybody at URI loved The Others...
I think I saw them at a place named Blue Sand in Westerly...might be wrong about the name....


June 16, 2011

Hey great job at the blues jam the other day...hope to see you around some more.....Blues Rules !!!

Janna C.S.

June 11, 2011

Hey...long time. When do we get "Olneyville Stomp part 2" ??? (LOL).....

ryan L.

June 11, 2011

Great site..I
ll be back....


June 2, 2011

Bob R.
I have that photo hanging in my office...has brought many a comments....especially from those who remember YOU!!! Let's get together w/ Snake...this time I'm gonna take notes!!!!

Bob Richards

May 27, 2011

Blue, I got heartburn just thinking back on the chili. The picture on your site with you, me and Shorty, made me recall the HASSOCK. i've told that story many times. our prank went on for several months before someone asked, what's up with the hassock? Look forward to seeing you. Bob


May 23, 2011

yeh it DOES...i.e. O. Stomp DOES rule..............

j'anelle Simpsonne

May 19, 2011

Olneyville Stomp RULES !!!!!

Bob Angell replies:

May 19, 2011

Damnedest thing: I was just thinking of you this very morning. Recalling the old song:"The Blue Angel's chili done put Bob Richards down.."
A great old blues...

Bob Richards

May 15, 2011

Bob, Just thinking about you and checking out the site. Just heard the song with you and Bob M.(from the fund raiser) well done. Let's get together for a drink or two. Bob. 465-5462


May 12, 2011

Love the photo section.


April 25, 2011

Hello: A copy of "Big Fat Woman" is offered for sale here in Oklahoma City in a small record shop...for $22!! Glad I already have a copy . Have a great day


April 18, 2011

just dropped by to say hello. I still play my "Olneyville Stomp" 45 (on RED vinyl). Good stuff..Bye-ee.....

bob angell replies:

April 11, 2011

Yup. Sure is. That was released in 1976. Good to see it was keeping such great company (with the Sonny Boy LP)


April 10, 2011

I discovered a 45 of "Big Fat Woman/Chicken Shack" inside of a used Sonny Boy Williamson LP I picked up recently. Is this the same band? Looks like a 1970's pressing. Trying to get some info as I am blues collector. Thanks.


April 4, 2011

It's still a cool photograph, though...

bob angell replies

March 30, 2011

I was confused by the letter below, too. So I checked it out. What it is is a recording of Duke's "Too Hot to Handle" with a photo montage. One of the pictures chosen shows Duke and I recording a track for my next CD. Nice shot, too. Such GOOD LOOKIN' boys...and sweet Les Pauls, as well. But...I assure you we're NOT playing together on the audio portion of the vid. Thbaks for asking...

Frankie V.

March 30, 2011

What's up with the Bob Angell/Duke Robillard video on Youtube. Is it for real? Sounds great!!!


March 23, 2011

Ангелина Гордеева лучшая знахарка в России. Делает за сколько дадите. Многие вещи, где бессильны врачи.


March 15, 2011

Unknown message

dwayne p

March 1, 2011

Did you know there's a site called Lost FM that also has your CD ....and videos I think. At least Angell's blues music is getting out there.


February 25, 2011

Hello everybody, I've just come across and thought i'de say a quick hi!, like the site. Sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this.



February 25, 2011

Hola!, I would love to introduce myself . I'm Marcos, and I live in Argentina, in Rosario. I hope can be around here often!

Stan Greene

February 22, 2011

Hey there's another siteyou might not have seen yet. It's called Kendincos Sharing Platform. They also feature two Blues Outlet in a studio and one live onstage with full band.Thought you should know....


February 22, 2011

Yes!! I also have seen this video selections in the Nigereian site you mention. Musicplaying is very, very good. Best wishes from Nigeria!!

Kyle U.

February 15, 2011

That's hysterical about the Nigerian site. I guess good music is just good music...anywhere,rigtht?


February 14, 2011

Hi guys...


February 7, 2011



February 4, 2011

you are being bootlegged in Finland!! Don't Worry Amy is on a disc with other U.S. and U.K. blues acts. Did you know of this?? It looks like an illegitimate label...No address and so forth.......


February 3, 2011


Peck C. Whitmore

January 26, 2011

"Olneyville Stomp" again??!! I thought you'd like to know that 'O. Stomp" is being played constrantly by a college radio station here in central California.
Still sounds good on the radio, too

jon braithwaite

January 26, 2011

The photo of Bob Angell and Muddy Waters is priceless. Just iconic. I actually printed out a copy and it is hanging on my wall in my music room....Thank you for posting.

jennie de-Bleu-Genevieve

January 24, 2011

Very such nice site. I'm loving the photos indeed. So many stars there...Good Wishes from France

Son Hayward, Jr.

December 25, 2010

Have a VERY merry Christmas, Mr. Angell


September 20, 2010

Even MORE onn YouTube!! Great stuff...

willie modesto

July 7, 2010

Good to see you rockin' out on YouTube..Some coool stuff
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